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The Parents’ Association


Welcome to the ɫƵ Parents’ Association. We are a group of dedicated mothers, fathers and guardians, committed to enriching the experience of all ɫƵ students, both current and future.

We focus on strengthening our College community by facilitating events and initiatives that promote community belonging, including our Mother’s and Father’s Day Breakfasts, the Year 7 Welcome Morning Tea and Becchi Day Morning Tea. We fund welcome gifts for new Year 7 students, and farewell our Year 12 students with graduating ties as their ɫƵ journey draws to a close.

We regularly meet to discuss new ways we can enrich our sons’ secondary school experience, and always welcome new voices. We encourage you to contact us via pa@salesian.vic.edu.au to find out more about how you can get involved in the Parents’ Association. Regardless of how much (or how little) time you have to contribute, we are genuinely grateful for all who are able to get involved.

Mrs Lilian Talarico & Mrs Fiona Topliff 
Parents’ Association Presidents



Our Mission is to play a vital role in establishing a vibrant College community where all members share a sense of connection and belonging by providing:
  • A parent voice on all relevant issues
  • Opportunities for parent engagement, and;
  • Positive support for College values and expectations


The Parents’ Association visual identity brings together the three core relationship elements that represent our central values; Parent, Student and College. This is underpinned by our Vision, to be a vibrant parent body fostering parent participation and strengthening the community.




What is the Parents' Association?

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Get to know our Parents’ Association

Fiona Topliff

Lilian Talarico

As Parents’ Association Presidents, Lilian and Fiona are dedicated to ensuring all parents in our community feel a sense of connection and belonging. Lilian and Fiona foster open conversations between the College and the PA on relevant topics and leads the PA in facilitating events and initiatives. They are committed to enriching their sons’  secondary school experiences, and the experiences of all ɫƵ students, both current and future.

How long have you been a member of the PA?
Lilian: Since 2020.

Fiona: Since 2019.

Why did you join the PA?
Lilian: It’s a truly gratifying experience to be involved and to help contribute to the school community. It also allows me to meet other parents and to be part of my sons’ secondary school journey.

Fiona: I was very involved in the Parents’ Association when my son was in primary school. I believe that the Parents’ Association fosters wonderful friendships and enhances the relationship between parents and the school. In some small way, being a member of the PA makes you a good role model to your children, by demonstrating the importance of education and becoming actively involved in school life.

How has being a member of the PA enriched your experience as a parent at ɫƵ?
Lilian: I have learnt to appreciate the behind-the-scene decisions being made with the utmost care and professionalism, in order to achieve the best outcomes in all activities conducted at ɫƵ. I am thrilled to be part of such a wonderful organisation like ɫƵ and will forever cherish the friendships and the memories.

Fiona: The PA allows you as parents to have a voice. I have also had the pleasure of meeting teachers on a social level, rather than just at parent teacher interviews. The PA provides you with a sense of community and pride in our school.


Shay Occhiuto

Tonia Clifton

Our Local Supporting Partners

We acknowledge our local supporting partners and the role they play in helping build and give back to our community.

Dr Scott Toniazzo, Osteopath
Class of 2004 and past student


Upcoming Events

What’s Next?

Father’s Day Mass and Breakfast

Friday 3 September

From our Community

“[The Mother’s Day Mass and Breakfast] was a very emotional event, a particularly special morning. Thank you for the lovely memories made today for so many of us in the school community.” 

Recent Events

View the photos from our Father’s Day Mass and Breakfast HERE.

View the photos from our Mother’s Day Mass and Breakfast ᷡ鷡.